Past Car-Seat Safety

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Please click on the “11th” and then select  2  consecutive  (15 min spots) for the first car seat then 1 (15 min spot consecutive) for EACH car seat in THAT car then hit the “x” (meaning if you have 2 cars and one [car] has 2 car seats and one [minvan] has 3 then you need a total of  7 spots consecutive ie: CAR: first spot is 30 min then the second is 15 min for a subtotal of 3 15 min spots for the car. THE NEXT car [mini van] is 30 min for the first car seat then each additional car seat is 15 mins Subtotal for mini van is 4 15 min spots TOTAL is  7 spots for 2 cars )

FEEL FREE TO CALL US AT 516.331.1460

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