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Member accepts above equipmetn in order to help community members with volunteer auto assistance,
with the understanding that ALL equipment belongs to the Chaverim organization. Member accepts
above equipment with the understanding that they will respond to an average of four (4) calls per month.
If at any time the member chooses not to continue with CHAVERIM, or CHAVERIM resigns the
member, the member will return all above equipment issued.

A. If equipment becomes lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed, I will have to pay CHAVERIM to replace.

B. If it should ever become necessary to dispose of any equipment, I will do so only after I have first
contacted CHAVERIM and then only after CHAVERIM has given me consent to such a disposal.

C. I will keep the equipment in good condition and repair andwill do everything reasonable to maintain
them in their present condition with the exception of the normal wear and tear that is to be expected
while servicing clientele.

This is our agreement, and I understand that when I put my signature on this agreement I must and will
carry out my end of the deal, as must the CHAVERIM organization.
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